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2019 has been a busy year for me, mostly because I decided to live outside my comfort zone creatively. (See my essay The Creative Life: Embracing Reciprocity Failure on the subject.) In other words, I pushed myself to try new perspectives, styles, genres, etc. to see where they would take me. It’s been quite an adventure, flexing my muscles to write works unlike anything I’ve written before. And it resulted in a number of publications. I’m rather pleased with three: two short stories and a novelette. One was in a relatively new Hope Punk magazine, and the other two are in anthologies that you may not have noticed. That’s why I’ve collected them here in this post to share with you. 

This whole process of putting out the word about my award eligible work is, in itself, also outside my comfort zone. In fact, in many ways, it’s more difficult than the decision to push myself forward into new kinds of work. (It’s the difference between challenging myself privately and sticking my neck out publicly.) But I’ve been encouraged (read “prodded”) by friends and fellow authors. So here they are for your perusal. I hope you enjoy reading these stories. If any strikes you as worthy, and  if you happen to be involved in noting works for any of the upcoming awards, I’d very much appreciate your consideration of my work. Thank you.


"Beyond Our HIdden Stars" short story by Sally Wiener Grotta

Novelette: “Beyond Our Hidden Stars”

What does it take to start a revolution? First, people have to start to question and care — to reclaim their individual souls from the powers that be. Only then will they be ready to act. Set in a space mining future when people have become cogs in the inescapable corporate machine, “Beyond Our Hidden Stars” is about how one woman plants the seeds of change by relearning how to dream and to share her dreams through storytelling. (Appeared in DreamForge Magazine of Science & Fantasy Fiction, illustrated by Jane Noel, December 2019) Click Here to read the full story on the DreamForge website. Or if you’re on the SFWA forums, please go here for eBook downloads (in PDF, ePub or Kindle). About 8,600 words

"Across the Universe" alternative Beatles Anthology cover


Short Story: “The Truth Within”

George Harrison (yes, that George Harrison) resolves to get President Richard Nixon hooked on transcendental meditation as a means to end the war in Vietnam. At the same time, President Nixon decides he needs a Beatle on his side to quell the nation-wide college campus protests against the Vietnam War. In this story, written for the Across the Universe alternative Beatles anthology, we have an insider’s view of the unexpected consequences when two famous, powerful men meet amidst the 1970s unrest. (Across the Universe, edited by Michael A. Ventrella and Randee Dawn, Fantastic Books, December 2019). Available at all bookstores, including Amazon. If you’re on the SFWA forums, please go here for eBook downloads of the “The Truth Within.” About 4,000 words.


"One Widow's Healing" a short story by Sally Wiener Grotta

Short Story: “One Widow’s Healing”

A Health Odyssey award-winner, “One Widow’s Healing” is set in the beginning of the next millennium. All human needs are supplied by link-up, 3D printers and the occasional drone. And health care is monitored by remote nanophysicians, who plug into universally implanted nanites for diagnosis and treatment. However, otherwise healthy people are dying at an alarming rate. One homebound nanophysician discovers that the epidemic is caused by the simple fact that the most basic human need isn’t being addressed. But the corporate-controlled high-tech health care system conspires to keep her silent and isolated. (Appeared in the Health Odyssey anthology of winners, May 2019) Click Here to read the full short story. If you’re on the SFWA forums, please go here for eBook downloads of “One Widow’s Healing.” About 3,500 words.

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