Guest Blog Guidelines

Some very talented, knowledgeable people have asked me if I would be interested in having them do a guest blog here on Naturally, I found the idea intriguing, because of the quality of the work of some of the people I know. And also, because I believe that the more well-articulated voices we listen to, the more interesting the discussion and the greater potential for finding new creative solutions. However, I was also concerned that opening the door to guest blogging could potentially change the tenor of this very personal page.

So, I sat back and thought about the idea for awhile, and here’s what I’ve come up with:

I welcome literate, intelligent and/or funny guest blogs that entertain, inform, enlighten and, most importantly, will be of interest to my readers. And yes, I am open to fresh, good ideas, even if I might disagree with them, as long as they are in a good-hearted spirit and respectful.

Types of essays that would be appropriate

  • Insights gleaned from the stories of women in history, mythology, fiction and the Hebrew Bible
  • Musings on modern life
  • Discussions or reviews of art, theatre, books, museums, music, galleries, etc.
  • Essays on how a book, painting, person, or even a stroll in the mall inspired you, got you thinking or doing, touched your mind or heart
  • Thoughts on writing or publishing
  • Perspectives on history
  • Tips, tricks and how-tos on photography, imaging, writing, publishing, and storytelling
  • Advice and links on getting grants, artist-in-residencies, fellowships, etc.
  • Thoughts on creative thinking, philosophy, inspiring experiences, etc.
  • Insights based on personal experiences and/or expertise
  • Interviews with various people
  • And so forth.

That’s not a comprehensive list, but guideposts of directions you could go. While I don’t shy from subjects that might generate animated discussions, no political rants please. And please avoid anything that’s little more than marketing copy for a product, book, event or service. On the other hand, write an interesting essay, and I’ll be more than happy to have it link back to your webpage or the sales page for your book.

If you are interested in doing a guest blog, email me, with a brief description of what you want to write and links to previous blogs or stories you’ve written. Please read a few of my posts, before querying me.

Thank you for your interest in sharing your thoughts and ideas with us.