Snow Day!

Watson in Snow by Sally Wiener Grotta

What is it about a major snowstorm that brings out the kid in me?

Is it the early childhood memory of hovering around the radio, listening for the coveted school closing, while the snow clouds gathered, promising piles of snowballs and sledding and hot chocolate waiting inside? (Yes, I did have one of those childhoods.)

Is it the photographer in me, watching the light change, how the snow frosts the huge evergreens along the stream and undulates across the field?

Is it simply the fact that my family and I are among the truly lucky people in the world. The “threat” of snow isn’t ominous to our ears or our psyche. We’re safe, inside a warm home, with more than sufficient food and water. We don’t have to commute anywhere (other than down the stairs in our bedroom slippers). Daniel and I work at home, in our comfortable studio, with Rascal and Diva pussyfooting around, often jumping up on our laps to remind us that NOW is the best time to love. And Watson (Rascal and Diva’s Golden Retriever) is always nearby, watching over us, and ready at the drop of a single syllable (“out!”), to run and play.

Of course, we’re aware that millions of others aren’t as lucky as we are. Our hearts and minds are with those who are endangered by the weather. Still, the joy of the snow blowing outside our window, and of watching Watson throw himself into a white fluffy bank to make snow angels makes me feel so very alive and, well, irrepressibly happy.

Speaking of which, Watson, let’s go OUT and make some snow angels together.

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