Understanding & Winning Grants

Demystifying Grants

“A successful grant application tells a story that intrigues grantors, and makes them want to be part of the project.” ~ Sally Wiener Grotta

Grants are the key to success in many professions. However, the grant process often seems to be shrouded in a bureaucratic fog that can keep worthy projects and individuals from even attempting to apply. Sally Wiener Grotta’s extensive personal experience with grants has given her pragmatic insights into the entire process. She has received dozens of grants and has had numerous corporate sponsors for exhibits, presentations and projects. In addition, she has sat on a grant jury, helping to select which of the many applicants should receive a grant for the year.

Sally’s Understanding Grants programs and workshops are customized according to the goals of the audience, and may vary in length from one or two hours, up to several days. Here are some of the grants-related topics Sally covers:

Storytelling for Grant Writers

Learn how to write the story behind your project in a way that will make your application stand out from the crowd and capture the imagination of grantors, sponsors and the public. This may be a one-hour lecture. Or, it can be a longer workshop, in which Sally will guide individual attendees on finding and writing up their projects' stories.

Understanding the Grant Process

Grants can, at first appear intimidating. In this program, Sally will take you through the process and procedures involved in filling out an effective application. And then discuss sensible business practices to make it easier to manage the grant and satisfy the reporting requirements of funders.

Grants for Creative Projects

This lecture or workshop designed for artists or writers, Sally covers:

  • Finding a grant (or other funding) for your project.
  • Shaping and defining your project to make it more likely to win grants and other support, while satisfying your creative goals.
  • Developing an effective grant application.
  • Managing your project to satisfy your creative goals and your grantor's requirements.

Please use the Contact page to start the discussion with Sally about customizing a program for your company, school, organization, conference or other venue.