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Using Creativity & Storytelling to Build Bridges

“There is hope for the future when authors like you open readers’  eyes and hearts to understanding and overcoming hatred and prejudice.” ~ Shirley Covet

Creativity and Storytelling are hardwired into the human mind — it’s how we learn, share and define ourselves.  It’s also been one of the keys to our evolution as a species and as a society. In these increasingly divisive times, we need to tap into our native creativity to find solutions together. 


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Multi-cultural diversity isn't only a meaningful social movement, it's a galvanic force for growth that makes great sense.

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I am delighted when book discussion groups and others invite me to join in their discussions about my novels Jo Joe and The Winter Boy.  Usually, we connect via Skype or Zoom, though occasionally I will come in person. Sample excerpts and Study Guides are available for both books. Please click the boxes below to find out more.

"Jo Joe" by Sally Wiener Grotta


"The Winter Boy" by Sally Wiener Grotta